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HY SOLAR joined PV CYCLE to Become a Global Member

  • 2023-07-31
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    HY SOLAR has recently obtained the certificate issued by PV CYCLE. As a member of PV CYCLE, the association will be responsible for recycling and reusing the module products of HY SOLAR (sold within the membership term) which have reached the service life, thus opening up the “last kilometer” of the photovoltaic green industrial chain of HY SOLAR.


    From "Manufacturing Green" to "Green Manufacturing"    

    With the rapid development of the global photovoltaic industry in recent years, the attention of the industry to "green manufacturing" in the whole industry chain is also gradually increasing. Meanwhile, the decommissioning of the first batch of photovoltaic modules also urges more people to focus on the topic of "module recycling". The photovoltaic module material contains valuable elements such as glass, silicon, silver, copper and aluminum, and most of the substances can be recycled through proper recycling, so as to effectively relieve ecological environment pressure, reduce indexes such as energy consumption of the whole photovoltaic industry chain, and further optimize the green and energy-saving characteristics of the whole life cycle of photovoltaic modules. Against such background, more and more international non-profit organizations and PV enterprises are cooperating to promote the recycling of PV modules and further improve the "greening level" of PV whole supply chain.


    PV CYCLE Global Member Certification of HY SOLAR

    The power warranty of single-glass and double-glass HP series modules of HY SOLAR is 25 years and 30 years respectively, and the HT series products can be up to 30 years. As a member of PV CYCLE association, after HY SOLAR modules complete their mission, the Association will provide the customers who purchased HY SOLAR module products with service of recycling and reusing of HY SOLAR products, which not only helps to realize “extremely low carbon” in its whole life cycle for HY SOLAR modules, but also enables customers who purchase products to truly realize “carefree use”.


    Introduction to PV CYCLE    


    PV CYCLE was founded in 2007, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. It has established hundreds of recycling points in Europe and established a well-operated recycling network, which is the only non-profit organization in Europe that can fully operate the recycling and reusing of photovoltaic modules. The Association can recycle all modules related to photovoltaic technology (crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon) today, and organize the recycling and reusing of scrapped photovoltaic modules for their global members. The recovery rate of silicon modules reaches the world’s leading 96%. So far, PV CYCLE has recovered more than 12,000 tons of PV waste modules, helping to realize the deep decarburization of the whole PV supply chain and truly realizing the transition from “light green” to “deep green”.