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SPIC Hubei Visited HY SOLAR for Investigation

  • 2023-08-07
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    On August 3, Deng Yong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of SPIC Hubei and other leaders visited the headquarter of HY SOLAR to conduct in-depth exchange and investigation with Yang Hao, General Manager of HY SOLAR, and both parties discussed further deepening and implementing cooperation in renewable energy photovoltaic field.


    During the meeting, the two sides exchanged their respective business development scale and industrial layout. Yang Hao, general manager of HY SOLAR, said that at present, HY SOLAR has built photovoltaic industry manufacturing bases in Baotou, Xuzhou and Wuxi. Recently, N-type TOPCon modules of HY SOLAR Jiangyin Base have also been put into production. In the future, HY SOLAR will continuously plan and expand more industrial bases to build HY SOLAR “N-type photovoltaic industry chain integration”. At the same time, under the guidance of the goal of “Dual Carbon”, HY SOLAR will continue to integrate and operate its own stock industrial resource advantages in the future, so as to help the transformation of global green energy structure. SPIC Hubei and HY SOLAR have complementary advantages in the cooperation in the field of new energy. We look forward to exploring diversified cooperation modes with SPIC Hubei to seek common development.


    General Manager Deng Yong fully recognized the outstanding achievements of HY SOLAR in the integration process of photovoltaic industry. He said: HY SOLAR, as a leading N-type full-industry chain supplier, has industrial advantages, technological innovation advantages, solid and steady development foundation and huge growth potential. SPIC attaches great importance to photovoltaic industry, and SPIC Hubei is very happy to unite with the excellent photovoltaic enterprises in the industry as HY SOLAR. In the future, both parties can explore and implement relevant cooperation opportunities in the dimensions of sales and usage of high-quality modules as well as cooperative joint development and operation, maintenance of new energy photovoltaic power stations, jointly seize and implement the opportunities in the national development strategy, and promote the vigorous development of new photovoltaic energy in China.

    In June of this year, HY SOLAR was invited to participate in the 2023 first supplier conference of SPIC Hubei, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on site. Both parties reached broad consensus on win-win development in the new energy field during this visit. In the future, more high-quality projects will be implemented together to achieve deeper cooperation.


    As a Global Green Energy Industry Eco-Integrator, HY SOLAR will take strategic cooperation with customers as an opportunity to integrate industrial advantages, broaden cooperation fields and promote the implementation of key projects. In the future, HY SOLAR will also explore a more diversified photovoltaic cooperation mode, looking forward to working hand in hand with more strategic partners, constantly deepening the innovative cooperation mode, focusing on industrial linkage and jointly promoting the high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry.