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Industry sharing | HY SOLAR 50GW+ N-type integrated path

  • 2023-08-15
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    On August 13, Energy Summit 2023 with the theme of “Breakthrough” was took place in Nanjing. Many representatives and experts from industry associations, research institutions and key enterprises of new energy attended the meeting to conduct dialogue and exchange on hot topics and the development trend of the new energy industry. Xia Yunlong, Technical Support Director of HY SOLAR Module Sales & Marketing Center, was invited to attend the meeting to comprehensively explain HY SOLAR’s strategy of “integration of N-type PV industry chain” and interpret the technical route of HY SOLAR modules.



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    2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) as well as a key year to promote the high-quality development of renewable energy. Since the beginning of this year, on the one hand, there has been a booming in PV modules installing. On the other hand, the industry is also facing worries such as overcapacity, geopolitical influence, serious price war and talent shortage. Facing the crisis-ridden market environment, enterprises need to dare to break through and make quick decisions. Only then can they turn the crisis into a turning point, and realize the curve overtaking.


    Facing the “Breakthrough” target, HY SOLAR’s idea is to build an N-type PV whole-industry supply chain from PV crystal silicon equipment to N-TOPCon module products and application-end new energy power stations, so as to build a whole-chain-through HY SOLAR PV industry ecology. Director Xia Yunlong stated that HY SOLAR’s integrated industrial chain strategy is outstanding in terms of ensuring the stable and controllable delivery of module products, controlling the manufacturing cost, quality management and monitoring carbon emission for the whole life cycle. In other words, HY SOLAR is potential to become the first-line manufacturer of N-type modules.

    In addition, the recent successful production of HY SOLAR Xuzhou TOPCon cell production base and Jiangyin TOPCon module production base has further consolidated the strength of HY SOLAR N-type track. At present, HY SOLAR has realized the capacity layout of 50GW+in the whole N-type industry chain. In the near future, HY SOLAR will continue to make every effort in the N-type track to continuously explore new directions such as 210*182 rectangular cell modules and sea modules. HY SOLAR is committed to providing customers with more affordable clean energy for more scenarios.

    As a “Global Green Energy Industry Eco-Integrator”, HY SOLAR will continue to give full play to its advantages of “N-type PV full-chain integration” and work hand in hand with brother enterprises to build an industrial green eco-circle to stimulate more industrial vitality while promoting the healthy development of the industry. Our vision is to make clean energy work for more people.