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HY SOLAR TOPCon Modules Awarded T?V Rheinland IEC Certification

  • 2023-10-08
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    Recently, the T?V Rheinland Greater China Area hosted an advanced energy storage technology seminar in Changzhou, China. The N-type TOPCon high-efficiency modules of HY SOLAR were awarded the T?V Rheinland IEC 61215:2021/IEC 61730:2023 photovoltaic module certification, making HY SOLAR one of the first certified photovoltaic module companies in the industry.



    The certification award ceremony on-site 


    As understood, the IEC 61215 / IEC 61730 series standards, serving as the most critical safety and reliability assessment standards in the photovoltaic industry, have garnered widespread attention within the photovoltaic sector. The update and enhancement of these new standards not only refine the requirements for technological updates and iterations of photovoltaic module products but also pose greater challenges in terms of the structure and safety performance of photovoltaic modules. Specifically, IEC 61215 sets different testing requirements for various modules, covering a range of tests including temperature coefficients, low irradiance, hot spot endurance, UV pre-treatment, thermal cycling, damp heat, humidity-freeze, mechanical load, hail, and more. These tests comprehensively evaluate the multidimensional performance of the modules. On the other hand, IEC 61730 primarily assesses whether modules meet the standards for protection against electric shock, fire, and personal injury caused by mechanical or external environmental influences. The testing scope includes visual inspection, electric shock, fire, mechanical stress, and environmental stress, among others. The HT series N-type TOPCon modules of HY SOLAR demonstrated high reliability and safety during these tests.

    HY SOLAR , as a rising star in the field of modules, being among the first companies to achieve certification according to the latest standards, clearly demonstrates that the N-type TOPCon modules of HY SOLAR possess efficient and stable performance. Leveraging the advantages of the Group's N-type photovoltaic integrated industry ecosystem, the modules of HY SOLAR lead the industry in technological innovation, quality control, and industry standards. The N-type TOPCon modules of HY SOLAR are adaptable to various complex application scenarios. These modules utilize SMBB stacked half-cut and non-destructive cutting technologies, achieving a bifacial efficiency of up to 85% and increasing rear-side power generation by up to 30%. This enhances the overall lifetime power generation of the system while reducing the cost of electricity, ensuring long-term benefits for customers.

    In the future, HY SOLAR will continue to prioritize customer needs and orient its efforts towards technological innovation, contributing continually to driving the global transition to green energy.