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HY SOLAR high-efficiency bifacial modules amazed Pakistan!

  • 2023-10-14
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    October 12, HY SOLAR held the HT Module Product Launch Party in Islamabad, Pakistan. More than 260 people, including Mr. Tauseef, former chairman of NEPRA, Mr. Nisar, chairman of REAP, local PV head distributors, EPC and other corporate executives came to the scene to witness the release of two high-efficiency N-type TOPCon bifacial module products together with Jane Dong, HY SOLAR Overseas Sales General Manager.


    Outstanding performance HT series modules were first released in Pakistan!    

    At the launch party, HY SOLAR released two high-efficiency module products of HT series N-type TOPCon with 72 and 78 pcs, with output power of 575W and 630W respectively, leading the industry with excellent power generation performance. The product adopts a double-glass and bifacial design, and the module back side could provide additional power generation gain to the system through light reflection from floor/roof. At the same time, the N-type TOPCon cells produced by HY SOLAR have a high bifaciality up to 85%, which adds a "high-energy blessing" to the "high-performance N-type module". 

    The power range of the products released on site meets the local needs of Pakistan, and can be widely applied to distributed and large-scale ground power stations and other application scenarios to meet the diverse needs of local customers.







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    Xia Yunlong, Director of Product Management and Technical Support of HY SOLAR, gave a detailed interpretation of HY SOLAR cell technology, advantages of module products and technical roadmap adopted by HY SOLAR, and emphasized that HY SOLAR always adheres to strict production line management and control to ensure product "Quality First". He shared the empirical data of HY SOLAR HT modules, and spoke with authoritative figures to show the strong product strength of HY SOLAR.



    Xia Yunlong, Director of Product Management and Technical Support of HY SOLAR


    Seek sustainable development And lighting up business map    



    Mr. Tauseef, former Chairman of NEPRA



    Mr. Nisar, Chairman of REAP


    Mr. Tauseef, former Chairman of NEPRA, and Mr. Nisar, Chairman of REAP, attended the conference and welcomed HY SOLAR’s entry into the Pakistani market and win-win cooperation with local enterprises. 

    Mr. Nisar, Chairman of REAP Association, pointed out that Pakistan, as a fast-growing photovoltaic market, has an urgent need for energy transformation and frequent government incentive policies. The new installed capacity of Pakistan is about 2.2GW in 2022, and Pakistan plans to increase the share of domestic renewable energy to 30% by 2030, which also means broad prospects for the development of the photovoltaic industry. At the same time, Nisar said that Pakistan is also very welcome to cooperate with HY SOLAR, which has strong manufacturing genes, and seeks cooperation opportunities in trade and investment to learn from each other's strengths. HY SOLAR is expected to form a win-win cooperation model with local photovoltaic enterprises to promote the further development of local green industry.



    Pakistan solar annual new additions


    Jane said that HY SOLAR, as a Global Green Energy Industry Eco-Integrator, has core competitiveness in raw material quality selection, delivery guarantee and product performance relying on the strong advantages of N-type whole industrial chain. With the continuous development of HY SOLAR’s global service network, HY SOLAR sincerely establishes long-term and close cooperative relationships with high-quality Pakistani partners to bring efficient energy solutions to Pakistan and help realize energy transformation.



    Jane Dong, HY SOLAR Overseas Sales General Manager


    In addition, during the launch party, HY SOLAR granted Sustainability Partnership Awards to a number of established local distributors to seek a green and win-win future, and announced the booking of local stock is open now.



    The booking of local stock is open now


    Participants expressed high recognition for HY SOLAR brand and the quality of our module products, and eagerly looked forward to working with HY SOLAR to jointly create a zero-carbon future for Pakistan. During the party, HY SOLAR reached cooperation with head distributors in Pakistan and signed a memorandum of understanding for a total volume of 100MW PV modules.



    HY SOLAR granted Sustainability Partnership Awards to established local distributors


    HY SOLAR will continue to be committed to the development of efficient and reliable module products. At the same time, HY SOLAR looks forward to establishing strong cooperative relationships with more partners around the world to jointly promote the implementation of high-quality projects and further expand HY SOLAR's influence in Pakistan and the world.