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HY SOLAR Won Awards at 18th AsiaSolar PV & ESS Cooperation Forum

  • 2023-10-15
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    From October 12 to 14, the 18th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Innovation Exhibition and Cooperation Forum were held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. HY SOLAR was invited to participate in and won two awards of “2023 AsiaSolar PV Innovation Enterprise” and “2023 China’s Most Influential PV Module Enterprise” awarded by PGO Green Energy Ecological Cooperation Organization.



    The award ceremony


    As an Global Green Energy Industry Eco-Integrator, HY SOLAR has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic industry for more than 20 years and is committed to building an N-type photovoltaic industry ecosystem. Our business segments cover six major fields: high-end equipment manufacturing, silicon material, monocrystalline silicon wafers, N-type cells, N-type modules and renewable energy power stations. HY SOLAR’s market share of high-end intelligent equipment has been leading the industry for many years, with 31.18GW of silicon wafers shipped in 2022, ranking among the top five in the world. In June 2023, 16GW N-type TOPCon cells were put into production, and in August of the same year, 50 kilotonnes of high-purity crystalline silicon and 16GW N-type TOPCon photovoltaic modules were put into production, and the N-type zero-carbon photovoltaic industry chain was continuously consolidated.



    HY SOLAR won the award of “2023 Asian PV Innovative Enterprise” 


    Sci-tech research & development and independent innovation are the core orientation of HY SOLAR. In 2022, HY SOLAR invested RMB 974 million in R&D, with 205 national patent authorizations, and continuously promoted technological innovation. HY SOLAR’s 100% highly automated intelligent factory can meet different market needs. Advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ensures 100% traceability of cells and modules from raw material procurement to product delivery. The honor of “2023 AsiaSolar PV Innovation Enterprise” awarded by PGO Green Energy Ecological Cooperation Organization fully affirms the long-term outstanding achievements of HY SOLAR Green Energy in science and technology innovation and application in the field of new energy, and continues to make contributions to promoting the global green energy transformation.



    HY SOLAR won the award of “2023 China’s Most Influential PV Module Enterprise”


    Relying on the advantages of the Group’s N-type full industrial chain, HY SOALR continues to provide customers with affordable and high-quality high-efficiency module product solutions. The award of “2023 China’s Most Influential PV Module Enterprise” shows the outstanding strength of HY SOLAR’s PV module products. HY SOLAR module adopts advanced SMBB & half-cell technology, non-destructive cutting technology and high density cells encapsulating. The highest conversion efficiency of N-type TOPCon module could reach 22.6%, which is the leading level of similar products in the industry. At present, we have successfully signed and delivered photovoltaic projects in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guizhou, Jiangsu and other places, covering various application scenarios such as Agri-PV, industrial and commercial application, and large-scale power stations, demonstrating HY SOLAR’s firm determination and steady strength in developing the photovoltaic module market.



    Dali PV Power Station Project


    In the future, HY SOLAR will continue to practice the mission of “making energy cleaner and the world better”, devote ourselves to scientific and technological innovation and product research and development, providing customers with high-performance products and comprehensive services, empowering the industry development, and promote the green transformation of global energy.