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HY SOLAR N-type full-chain products appeared at 2023 AsiaSolar

  • 2023-10-15
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    From October 12 to 14, the 18th AsiaSolar was held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. HY SOLAR N-type zero-carbon photovoltaic industry chain presented perfectly, from upstream silicon material and wafers to cells and a variety of high-efficiency N-type TOPCon modules, attracting a large number of exhibitors to stop and visit.


    N-type products make a strong debut    

    Providing multi-dimensional scene solution    







    From January to August this year, the newly installed capacity of PV in China was 113.16 GW, with a year-on-year increase of 154.46%. Under the macro situation that the country vigorously promoted the development of clean energy such as PV, the development of PV industry entered the “fast lane”. Reducing cost and increasing efficiency, providing high-performance photovoltaic products, and enabling the high-quality development of the industry has become the core proposition of the enterprise. At this exhibition, HY SOLAR made a stunning appearance with silicon materials, silicon wafers, N-type cells and N-type module products. In 2022, HY SOLAR silicon wafers shipped 31.18 GW, ranking among the top five in the world. In June 2023, 16 GW N-type TOPCon cells were put into production. With the strengthening of production stability and the breakthrough of cell technology, the conversion efficiency was continuously improved. The mass production efficiency of HY SOLAR N-type cell reached 25.8%, ranking the leading position in the industry.







    HY SOLAR N-type zero-carbon photovoltaic industry chain


    In August this year, the first batch of HY SOLAR Jiangyin Base 16 GW N-TOPCon module project rolled off the production line, providing abundant production capacity guarantee. The module products exhibited this time include 182 bifacial 54 pcs all-black module, 72 pcs, 78 pcs, 210 bifacial 66 pcs and 210R bifacial 66 pcs modules, covering multiple scenes such as residential, industrial and commercial application, large-scale ground power stations and so on, providing efficient module product solutions to customers.



    HY SOLAR HT series modules


    For example, the 72 pcs 182 bifacial TOPCon module product has a maximum output power of 585 W and a conversion efficiency of 22.6%, which is excellent in the same type of modules. HY SOLAR adopts SMBB & half-cell technology and non-destructive cutting to improve the reliability of modules, low temperature coefficient of -0.29%/℃, bifaciality up to 85%, back-side power generation up to 30%, thus improving power generation in the whole life cycle of the system end. At the same time, the LCOE cost is reduced, so the long-term benefits of customers is guaranteed.


    Relying on the advantages of N-type zero-carbon photovoltaic industry chain    

    The core competitiveness of HY SOLAR is highlighted    

    At this exhibition, Jiang Wenjuan, the product manager of HY SOLAR Module Marketing & Sales Center, was invited to participate in the sub-forum of science and technology empowerment activity, at which HY SOLAR’s strategy of “integration of N-type photovoltaic whole industrial chain” was interpreted and HY SOLAR module products were promoted. Jiang Wenjuan said that relying on the abundant production capacity of HY SOLAR’s upstream silicon materials, silicon wafers and cells, the core competitive advantage was strong.



    Jiang Wenjuan,the product manager of HY SOLAR Module Marketing & Sales Center


    It is shown in the quality management advantages of HY SOLAR, continuous focus on the quality selection of raw materials, and the use of self-produced cells to ensure the high yield and reliability of modules. At the manufacturing end, HY SOLAR has now achieved the high coverage of automation and intelligence of the whole chain production line, and has the advantages of 15-second production rhythm and flexible production. Module products can be traced throughout the entire process with a strict quality monitoring system, ensuring stable and controllable delivery cycles. HY SOLAR has embarked on a road of deep vertical development of N-type industry. Under the strong cost advantage of supply chain, HY SOLAR continuously promotes the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency, focuses on scientific and technological innovation, and has the core capability to become a front-line module manufacturer.



    Science and technology empowerment activity


    As one of the suppliers of the whole photovoltaic industry chain, HY SOLAR will focus on N-type higher-efficiency photovoltaic products, rely on the supply advantages such as upstream equipment and silicon materials, open up the downstream of the industrial chain, establish the HY SOLAR zero-carbon industry ecosystem, empower customers and contribute its own energy to the zero-carbon industry.



    HY SOLAR Team