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High Energy Modules of HY SOLAR Present at AEA 2023

  • 2023-10-30
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    On October 25, the 2-day All-Energy Australia 2023 started at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the first stop of HY SOLAR overseas exhibition, three most representative HY SOLAR HT series TOPCon bifacial module products were displayed on site. Their excellent product performance and power generation performance attracted many people of PV industry from Australia and New Zealand to stop at the booth, and “Made by HY SOLAR” was praised frequently!


    3 types of HY SOLAR high-performance modules presented at the exhibition    

    PV modules of HY SOLAR on display are HT series 435W all-black 54pcs bifacial module, HT series 585W 72pcs bifacial module and 605W 210R bifacial modules of the same series.

    Among them, 54pcs all-black module is the first choice for household rooftop photovoltaic projects with wide demand in Australia and New Zealand. Its small “body” has strong power generation capacity, and the “all-black” appearance can improve the building aesthetics at the same time. Therefore, this product has attracted the attention of many “small owners” at the exhibition; while 72pc TOPCon module is the “star product” in the C&I and large-scale ground power station usage scenarios, and the golden power grade of the product and the back power generation gain brought by the bifacial design provide a more economical choice for customers; finally, 210R bifacial module of 66pcs represents the technical direction of HY SOLAR, the introduction of 182*210 rectangular cells brings higher product power growth potential. HY SOLAR is continuing to develop technology, and brings better products continuously.









    These three types of module products all adopt high-quality cells made by HY SOLAR, and produced under the complete quality control of the whole production process, so that the products could finally present excellent performance, with a low temperature coefficient of -0.29%/℃ leading similar products, and they can realize a high bifaciality of 85% and a leading anti-degradation performance (30-year power warranty), and all performance lead the average level of the industry, attracting the attention of many participants.


    Brighten in Australia and New Zealand     

    Brighten the World    

    Australia, as the first stop of HY SOLAR overseas exhibition, has leading photovoltaic power usage and top lighting resources in the world -- more than 80% of the ground irradiance exceeds 2000 kw/square per/hour. The vast land in the central part is sparsely populated and desert, which is very suitable for large-scale solar energy development and utilization. Although currently the installed capacity is more than 30GW nationwide, there is still huge potential in the solar power generation market. According to BNEF authority, the installed capacity of PV can be increased by 4GW per year by 2025.



    Forecast chart of BNEF installed capacity


    HY SOLAR SVP for Overseas Business James Zhao said that as the first stop of HY SOLAR overseas exhibition, Australia Station is of great significance. In addition to the demonstration of HY SOLAR product power to local customers in Australia face to face, it also allows overseas customers to feel the industrial advantages of N-type integration of HY SOLAR “All-in-One” strategy more intuitively. From the upstream silicon material to the downstream module products of the industry, HY SOLAR controls the whole production chain and provides a powerful guarantee for the product quality and delivery efficiency.

    In addition, overseas sales and service network of HY SOLAR is also under construction and improvement. At present, HY SOLAR Australia branch has been established and its business has spread to Australia and New Zealand. In the future, HY SOLAR will also bring more high-quality module products to Australia and New Zealand, and contribute “HY SOLAR energy” to the zero-carbon future of the mainland favored by sunshine!