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HY SOLAR attended the "Beltand Road" Entrepreneurs Conference

  • 2023-10-31
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    From October 17 to 18, the Third "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was held in Beijing. The theme of this summit was "High-Quality Co-Building of the Belt and Road for Common Development and Prosperity." Yang Hao, the General Manager of HY SOLAR, and Zhao Junwu, Vice President of Overseas Marketing, attended the "Belt and Road" Entrepreneurs Conference.



    First one on the right is Yang Hao, and first one on the left is Zhao Junwu


    The current "Belt and Road" Entrepreneur Conference had over 1,200 attendees, evenly split between domestic and international representatives. Among the foreign delegates, there were over 20 foreign minister-level officials, leaders of 33 foreign chambers of commerce, and representatives from 59 Fortune 500 companies. The conference has provided a broad platform for the business community to connect and cooperate, allowing business sectors from different countries to share opportunities within the "Belt and Road" initiative.




    As one of the representative Chinese private enterprises involved in the implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative, HY SOLAR participated in the conference. Yang Hao, the General Manager of HY SOLAR, was invited to attend and signed cooperation agreements during the event. This further expands the global influence of HY SOLAR and holds significant historical importance for the company's global strategy.

    HY SOLAR has been focusing on the photovoltaic industry for over 20 years, deeply committed to advancing the global transition to green energy. Their core strengths lie in technology research and development as well as deep vertical integration. HY SOLAR operates in six major business segments: high-end equipment manufacturing, industrial silicon and crystalline silicon production, monocrystalline silicon wafers, N-type cells, N-type modules, and new energy power plants. They have established an N-type photovoltaic industry ecosystem and aim to become a global green energy industry integrator.




    In the era of globalization, HY SOLAR will continue to focus on clean energy, actively aligning with the "Belt and Road" initiative and "dual carbon" goals to inject new momentum into the green development of countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

    With this conference as an opportunity, HY SOLAR looks forward to strengthening collaboration with partners from various regions, working hand in hand to establish an open and mutually beneficial energy cooperation framework. Together, we aim to promote global energy transition and sustainable development, creating a greener, carbon-neutral future for a better world.